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Aulario IndUVA (Spain): Sustainable Construction Grand Prize Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The construction of the Aulario building for University of Valladolid’s School of Industrial Engineering represents a great opportunity for research and improvement of technics already applied on net zero energy buildings of the campus. The building...

House of Île-de-France (France): Energy & Temperate Climates Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Zero Energy! Zero Carbon! Zero Nuclear Waste! Located in the International University Campus in Paris, the 5,000m2 House of Ile-de-France is unprecedented in France. With its 100% solar energy strategy, this student residence features two giant...

The Beehive (France): Low Carbon Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The Beehive is a social experiment born from the will of the city of Bègles to have an exemplary participative project on its territory. After a 4-year human adventure, 11 families enjoy a collective residence with 7 housings and 4 contiguous houses...

Landsea New Mansion (China): Health & Comfort Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The Landsea New Mansion project is located in the west suburbs of Shanghai and covers a 13,433m2 area, with three 5-storey residential buildings. This project capitalizes on the construction manager’s years of experience in healthy and comfortable...

CLK Passive House (Luxembourg): Smart Building Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

This passive house demonstrates that connected building can go hand in hand with sustainable housing. Beyond the work for a very efficient and eco-responsible envelope, the contractor wanted to install the EnOcean technology for its ecological...

Wild South Media Library (France): Energy & Hot Climates Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

The Wild South Media Library, on the Reunion Island, is based on a specific sustainability approach to the tropical and subtropical climates and interrogates contemporary architecture of the Reunion Island. The library creates a progression from...

KTR Headquarters (France): Sustainable Renovation Grand Prize Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

KTR, a German industrial group specialized in mechanical transmissions, wanted a building reflecting the image and the values of the company for its French headquarters: innovative and offering excellent work conditions for its employees, autonomous...

#GreenSolutions Awards 2018: Discover these winners whose solutions already shape the zero carbon city

The Green Solutions Awards 2018 winners were revealed in Katowice, a Polish mining town that made the shift to commit to the energy transition and COP24 theatre. The Construction21 network, organiser of the contest, rewarded the winning teams during...

COP24: Social innovation to drive just transition of coal regions

With the carbon costs of travel in mind, key EIT Climate-KIC COP24 session summaries are available online for those who cannot attend—and for review for those present. These summaries aim to extract important debates, dialogues, and learnings from...

The Crown for a Better World goes to STARDUST

On the eve of November 21 in Brussels (Belgium), the European project STARDUST received the 2018 .eu Web Award for its website under the “Better World” Category.   The .eu Web Awards competition, which acknowledges...