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Embodied carbon reduction in 100+ regulations and rating systems globally

The growth of global urban population drives unprecedented construction, resulting in embodied carbon emissions from new buildings alone to excess of 100 gigatons by 2060. If all construction activity, including infrastructure and renovations, are...

EuroPACE: Innovative Building Renovation Platform for European Cities

The concept of EuroPACE is inspired by the success of an on-tax financing model called PACE, launched in California in 2008. In the US, in the past four years, the PACE market reached over $4.7 billion in funded projects, including the retrofit of...

Tracking Clean Energy Progress

The International Energy Agency-IEA’s newly-enhanced Tracking Clean Energy Progress provides a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of a full range of energy technologies and sectors that are critical in a global clean-energy transition. It...

IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators database

Having reliable data and indicators on how energy is used is key to informing and monitoring the effectiveness of energy efficiency policies. Highlighting the importance of such data, the IEA has updated its Energy Efficiency Indicators database...

Finding the optimal solar cell design to maximize energy production

Artificial intelligence has found plenty of time and money saving applications within the solar industry, in the automated production of solar panels and the forecasting of their long-term performance, among other areas.   Now, a team of researchers...

COP24: huge untapped potential in greener construction, says UN environment agency

“It’s critical we have a big change over the next couple of years in how we do buildings and construction”, said Joyce Msuya, Deputy Executive Director of UNEP. “We only need to look at the current norms and quality of many buildings to see that we...

Global Status Report: Towards a zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector

The Global Status Report documents the status and trends of key indicators for energy use, emissions, technologies, policies, and investments to track the buildings and construction sector, globally and in key regions. Central findings of this...

COP24: Time to address the building and construction sector’s total emissions impact

The recent IPCC report removes all doubt: the building and construction sector must decarbonise by 2050 to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. As nations all over the globe tackle operational emissions from buildings, we must challenge ourselves...

4 Key challenges and solutions to achieving carbon neutrality

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a recent report stipulating that without drastic measures to cut carbon emissions, reduce energy use and remove carbon already in the atmosphere, we are “extremely unlikely” to meet the...

Improving energy efficiency in sports venues

Improving energy efficiency opens up the opportunity to make sports operations more sustainable and makes perfect business sense: it saves money, enhances corporate reputation and helps everyone in the fight against climate change. But how can you...