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Welcome to UEPC as an official BUILD UP Partner

The European Union of Developers and House Builders (UEPC) is the umbrella organisation for national federations of Developers and House Builders. UEPC represents more than 30 000 developers and house builders affiliated to the federations of 10...

Welcome to EUMEPS as an official BUILD UP Partner

EUMEPS represents the European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene. EPS is a cost effective insulation material for building and construction. EUMEPS creates awareness of the benefits of the use of EPS by sharing information on the material...

Welcome to ECRC as an official BUILD UP Partner

The European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC) is a non-profit European association whose initiatives are driven and paid for by its members through an annual membership fee. It is a voluntary organization that brings value by promoting the benefits of cool...

Welcome to FEDARENE as an official BUILD UP Partner

FEDARENE is the European Federation of Regions and Agencies for Energy and the Environment. It is the premier European network of regional and local agencies, ministries and departments which implement, co-ordinate and facilitate energy and...

BUILD UP Overview articles: a snapshot of hot topics!

At a glance:Renovation strategies | Glazing | Cost-optimal methodology | Micro-CHP | IEE projects | EPC | Heat pumps | NZEBs | IEA | Solar control | Social housing | CEN Standards | HVAC | EU Structural and Cohesion funds | Etc. Discover and comment...

OVERVIEW - Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings projects from Intelligent Energy Europe

Five projects funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme on the topic of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEBs) are presented. These projects are focused on market...

OVERVIEW - Operational Management: International and European Know-How

This overview article describes a number of initiatives for managing building energy consumption. The projects discussed concentrate on different phases of a building’s energy usage, from commissioning to post-occupancy. Approaches include...

OVERVIEW - BUILD UP Partners: An Exclusive Relationship

Here you can download the PDF version of this Overview article (see below under 'Additional documents').Enjoy reading, and feel free to send a comment of your own! What is a BUILD UP Partner?BUILD UP Partners are well-...

Welcome to EWFA as an official BUILD UP Partner

EWFA (European Window Film Association) brings together manufacturers and distributors of Window Film in Europe. Established since 2000 in Brussels, EWFA is in close contact with decision-makers and other stakeholders in Brussels to raise awareness...

BUILD UP Web Seminar | Building and ductwork airtightness: Legislative drivers, new concerns and new approaches

UPDATE 06/10/2013The video recordings of this BUILD UP Web Seminar are available here. The implementation of the EPBD recast puts increasing pressure on the market to achieve better building and ductwork...