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Welcome everyone. This is where you can find back all BUILD UP Overview articles!

Dear all, I am very happy to have launched this new BUILD UP Community that will gather, in one single place, all the BUILD UP Overview articles. BUILD UP Overview articles are short stories giving the insight of a particular topic, and linking to...

BUILD UP Users and Stakeholders Committee - Learning from each other's experiences

Array The objective of this committee is to discuss the best ways of sharing experiences at the European level. Celebrate the four-year anniversary of the BUILD UP initiative during a networking lunch! This event is part of the EU...

Global Carbon Footprint

Global Carbon FootprintThe image of a footprint is composed of circles sized relative to the carbon emissions of each nation and color coded according to region.In the final version of this information graphic there will be a second footprint of per...

MaTrID: Market Transformation towards nearly zero energy buildings through widespread use of Integrated energy Design

Recent developments The project has been running for 8 months. Considerable milestones have already been accomplished. The project team has developed an ID tool-kit, which are process guidelines. The ideas in this draft tie up...

III Forum of Biomass Combustion

Array The event annually gathers representatives from a wide range of representatives from biomass market, including energy experts and industry suppliers of biomass, scientists, engineers, technologists, industry organizations, financial...

Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 - Executive Summary + ETP 2012 complete Slide deck

ETP 2012 shows: • Current progress on clean energy deployment, and what can be done to accelerate it • How energy security and low carbon energy are linked • How energy systems will become more complex in the future, why systems integration is...

BUILD UP Training schemes: a new section is born!

With the introduction of the RES Directive in 2009, the EPBD recast Directive in 2010 and the more recent Energy Efficiency Directive in October 2012, it is clear that Europe is gearing up for the achievement of its 20-20-20 targets. All three...

Proposing content to your BUILD UP Community: it is even better and easier!

BUILD UP makes your life easier to share your best practices! As from now, if you are either facilitator or member of a BUILD UP Community, you can propose content right from your BUILD UP Community!As such, your BUILD UP items will automatically be...

Primary Energy Consumption, 2010

Primary Energy Consumption, 2010When comparing the primary energy consumption of 2005 with 2010, 19 Member States reduced it (see in yellow) and 12 increased it (see in green). Could we say then that the Member States in yellow are in a better...

IEA Demand-Side Management - 2011 annual report

The Demand-Side Management (DSM) Programme, which was initiated in 1993, deals with a variety of strategies to reduce energy demand.