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Exemplary Buildings: Study visit of two affordable passive housing units in Brussels

Two new residential buildings in the Brussels-Capital Region open their doors on the afternoon of Tuesday, 19 June 2012. The building’s architects and residents will also attend the event.● L’Espoir: Rue Fin 3-13, BE-1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 14 new...

BUILD UP Users and Stakeholders Committee - Have your say: what can IEE do for the building sector?

Array The Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation (EACI) of the European Commission invites you to:Address the future of the Intelligent Energy Europe programmeLearn how BUILD UP contributes to disseminate best practices Europe-...

Welcome to eceee as an official BUILD UP Partner

The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, eceee is a non-profit, membership-based European NGO. The goal of eceee is to stimulate energy efficiency through information exchange and co-operation. To facilitate this, eceee provides and...

Send this member a personal message

The personal messaging functionality is again available on BUILD UP. It allows every BUILD UP registered user to send a personal message to another one! It is very useful for networking online, isn't it? Browse the "People" section, find the BUILD...

It is cold, what do you do for keeping your building energy efficient?

In this period of extremely cold temperatures, what are your best practices to keep your building energy efficient?

Welcome to EHI as an official BUILD UP Partner

EHI, the Association of the European Heating Industry, represents and promotes the common interests of 35 market leading company members in the European thermal comfort sector, which produce advanced technologies for heating in buildings, including...

Welcome to AEEBC as an official BUILD UP Partner

The Association of European Building Surveyors and Construction Experts (AEEBC) represents 350.000 Building Surveyors and Construction Experts. These last are professionally qualified in the technological and management processes by which buildings...

Welcome to CEETB as an official BUILD UP Partner

CEETB, European Technical Contractors Commitee for the Construction Industry, represents about 420,000 specialist contractors with 2,400,000 employees in all EU-countries and beyond. Member companies install electrical building equipment, heating,...

Welcome to European Heat Pump Association as an official BUILD UP Partner

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) represents the majority of the European heat pump industry. Its members are comprised of heat pump and component manufacturers, research institutes, universities, testing labs and energy agencies. Its key...