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2016 Euroheat & Power District Energy Days

Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič has described 2016 as ‘the year of delivery’ for the Energy Union. As was made clear in the Commission strategy published in February of this year, meeting the objectives of the Energy Union will require a...

22nd International Trade Fair and Congress for Heating, Cooling and CHP

AGFW (the independent German Energy Efficiency Association for District Heating, Cooling and CHP) and Euroheat & Power have joined forces for the 22nd International trade fair and congress for heating, cooling and CHP in April 2016.The trade...

DHC+ (District Heating and Cooling) Brokerage Event "Make the right connection"

“Make the right connection” is a unique brokerage event targeting organisations interested in heating and cooling, energy efficiency and integrated energy systems.The event comes at a perfect timing. It will be held just few weeks after the release...

District Energy in Cities: From EU Vision to Local Action through an Integrated Approach (EUSEW 2015)

This High Level Policy Session which forms part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2015 will contribute to 2 elements that will be instrumental in delivering the Commission’s vision of the Energy Union, namely the establishment of Energy...

37th Euroheat & Power Congress

District Energy in a Connected WorldFor all its technical complexity, at its core, District Energy is based on a vision of elegant simplicity; the connection between local resources and local needs. District Energy means connecting people,...

2030 Framework Incomplete Without Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling represent over 45% of final energy consumption in the European Union compared to 20% for electricity, 26% transport and 9% for ‘non-energy’ use, yet they remain curiously peripheral features of EU energy policy.And, regrettably,...

2014 Euroheat & Power Annual Conference and 60th anniversary

In 2014, the energy policy world will start to move forward, with a push towards new climate and energy targets prompting a renewed discussion on the value of energy in Europe.The District Heating and Cooling, along with the Combined Heat and Power...

3rd Global District Energy Climate Awards - Summit & Ceremony

Array The Summit will bring together private and public sector leaders from around the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Pan Pacific region, to discuss policies, technologies, and industry best practices. The highly...

Transition to Sustainable Buildings - Strategies and Opportunities to 2050

Buildings are the largest energy consuming sector in the world and account for over one-third of total final energy consumption and an equally important source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Achieving significant energy and emissions reduction...

Heat Roadmap Europe: Cheaper comfort, faster decarbonisation, better energy