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Better Energy Warmer Homes – Ireland

The Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme (BEWH) is a scheme administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and aims at funding energy efficiency improvements in the homes of the elderly and vulnerable, making the homes more...

1st ZERO-PLUS Annual Booklet

Buildings and settlements are nowadays increasingly expected to meet higher and potentially more complex levels of performance. They should be sustainable, use zero-net energy, be healthy and comfortable, grid-friendly, yet economical to build and...
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50233-Revolving Green Fund - UK 2017-01-30T18:57:15+01:00

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50233-Special Schools Funding, England - UK 2017-01-30T18:56:53+01:00


Special Schools Funding, England - UK

Salix allocate funding in the form of a loan specifically for special schools to access which can both improve the school learning environment and save on energy bills.     The loan is repaid back through energy savings.   To find out more...

Revolving Green Fund - UK

Salix offers a Revolving Green Fund that acts as a catalyst for investment in energy-efficiency technologies which will reduce carbon emissions and create vital financial savings in Higher Education Institutes in the UK.   The funding is available...
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50233-Training for effective renovation - France 2017-01-24T15:42:45+01:00


Training for effective renovation - France

ASDER and ARCANNE have teamed up to provide Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) for sustainable construction. The courses are conceived by and for professionals, free, open to all and accessible online.   One of the courses offered aims to train...
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The 2016 Commission’s winter package - What is the investment plan?

The European Commission complements the measures it is taking to reach its 2030 targets with the “Smart Finance for Smart Buildings” investment initiative. It aims to encourage a more effective use of public funds, help project developers bring good...

Χρηματοδοτικές λύσεις του Ταμείου Παρακαταθηκών και Δανείων για την αειφορία

Η συνημμένη παρουσίαση έγινε στα πλαίσια της ημερίδας που διοργάνωσε το έργο CERTUS  με θέμα τα «Χρηματοδοτικά μοντέλα για την ενεργειακή ανακαίνιση δημοτικών κτιρίων σε κτίρια σχεδόν Μηδενικής Ενεργειακής Κατανάλωσης (ΣΜΕΚ)». Η ημερίδα...