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H2020 project 4RinEU: first demo case finalised!

The H2020 project 4RinEU (Robust and Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep Renovation of Residential buildings in EU) has finalised its first demo case in Norway, renovated with a wooden prefabricated multi-functional...

IEA EBC Annex 67: Energy Flexible Buildings

The increasing integration of decentralized electricity production from renewable energy sources is often suggested as a key technology striving towards a sustainable energy system, mitigating fuel poverty and climate change. In many countries, the...

Energy Flexibility as a key asset in a smart building future - Position paper Annex 67

Position paper Annex 67 Annex 67 “Energy Flexible Buildings”, is a collaborative project supported by the Energy in Buildings and Communities program of the International Energy Agency. It aims to find a common definition,...

Technical, Financial, and Social Barriers and Challenges in Deep Building Renovation: Integration of Lessons Learned from the H2020 Cluster Projects

With a low rate of new building construction and an insufficient rate of existing building renovation, there is the need to step up the pace of building renovation with ambitious performance targets to achieve European Union (EU) climate change...

Structured repository of existing LCC calculation tools


Report on EU implementation of nZEBs


New report from the EPBD Concerted Action available! New buildings & NZEBs

The experts of the Concerted Actions (CA) worked from 2015-2018 to provide a comprehensive overview of the EPBD implementation among the Member States (MSs).   Among all, the CA released a thematic report with an analysis of the new constructions...

Europe moving fast towards managing energy efficiency in buildings using BIM


Understanding energy poverty in Europe


Decarbonisation of the building stock: a two-front battle. A Housing Europe position paper