La CONFIANZA EPC SUR – Financiación de la Eficiencia Energética de Contratación en el sector terciario

  La Confianza EPC Sur proyecto, co-financiado por la Comisión Europea, tiene como objetivo aumentar la conciencia pública y aumentar las inversiones en eficiencia energética (EE) y la energía sostenible (SE) tecnologías en el sector terciario. El...
Urban-LEDS | Solutions Gateway

Urbano-LED | Soluciones de Puerta de enlace

De baja emisión de Carbono Soluciones para los Retos del Desarrollo Urbano     Las Soluciones de Puerta de enlace es un recurso en línea de la plataforma para que los Gobiernos Locales, en donde podrán encontrar posibles de...


The RESTORE project

RESTORE is an knowledge transfer project that is composed by 40 countries and 150 working members. The project is divided into 5 workgroups and it is coordinated by the Core Group and the Members' Committee representing each of the...
RESTORE Cost Action 16114 runnig from March 2017 until MArch 2021 

The IEA (International Energy Agency)

History   The history of the IEA began with the 1973-1974 Middle East War crisis and its immediate aftermath.   While oil producing countries appeared relatively well organized to utilize their new oil based economic and political power,...

The BASE Project

History   BASE was founded in 2001 as the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy. Since our beginning, we have worked on projects to improve the flow of investment towards sustainable energy and meet the challenge of climate change.   BASE...

Is a Dual Revenue Stream EPC Bankable for European investors?

A New Model Combining Energy Efficiency and Demand Response   As part of the NOVICE project, Joule Assets Europe conducted a research study measuring the appeal and financial viability of the NOVICE dual revenue stream Energy Performance...

CitizEE H2020 Project Launched: Scaling up Public Sustainable Investments via Citizen Financing Schemes

CitizEE is a new Coordiantion and Support Action at European level, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project has been launched in May 2019, with a kick-off meeting held by WIP Renewable Energies in its facilities in Munich (...
Technical information:  -    GA Number: 847147 -    Duration: 36 months -    Start Date: 01 May 2019 -    Estimated Project Cost: € 1,498,532.53 -    Requested EU Contribution: € 1,498,532.50  

OKTAVE La rénovation à votre portée

Animé en partenariat avec plusieurs plateformes locales du Grand Est, il constitue un guichet unique vous permettant de bénéficier de l’accompagnement personnalisé d’un conseiller en efficacité énergétique indépendant qui suivra votre...
Oktave est un service initié par la Région Grand Est et l’ADEME qui accompagne les propriétaires de maisons individuelles dans leur projet de rénovation complète.

The QUEST Project

Concept and Objectives   The main goal of QUEST is to promote investments in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency by identifying and empirically risk-grading factors that influence performance.   QUEST will develop a simple toolkit to...
This project has received funding from the European Union's Framework Programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020 under grant agreement number 846739.

EU BIM Task Group

Our Vision   Europe’s public procurers, policy makers and public estate owners recognize the positive and transformative effect that digitisation brings to both public works and the construction sector. The Task Group’s vision is to...
  A pan-European approach to best practice in BIM (building information modelling). Bringing together national efforts into a common and aligned European approach to develop a world-class digital construction sector.