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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of December our topic is 'SKILLS and training for NZE building sector'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?

  • Demand and market recognition
  • New skills for the construction sector
  • Digital construction skills
  • Open training platform
  • Materials - Technologies and Case Studies
  • New training programmes on deep energy retrofitting

Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles


overview.jpgThe crest of the Renovation Wave: A toolkit to decarbonise the European building stock  Renovation toolkits are integrated packages of prefabricated components, such as insulation/façades, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning; (renewable) energy systems, user interfaces and digital solutions offered by a group of suppliers to ensure quicker, higher quality.



Expert talks


expert.jpgExpert talks – Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE  the invited interviewee was Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE and Campaign Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, which was initiated by EuroACE in 2011 in order to stop energy waste in buildings.





Webinar | Transforming the existing building stock – A toolkit to make buildings smarter.This webinar will provide an overview of HEART technologies and their potential for reducing energy consumption. Participants will learn from the renovation experience of a four-storey building located in Italy.



Webinar | Designing, constructing and monitoring Net Zero Energy (NZE) Settlements . The purpose of this webinar is to open up the novel ZERO-PLUS approach to stakeholders of energy efficiency from different fields of practice and demonstrate the benefits of its implementation.




Channelling investments to the renovation of social housing in Europe — Webinar . The webinar will explore innovative financing mechanisms to scale up renovation of social housing, overcoming market barriers and failures, and how to help households struggling with their bills, as the European Green Deal foresees.





TripleA-reno combined labelling scheme: a resource for municipal buildings. The TripleA-reno Combined Labelling Scheme is the first such scheme developed especially for the renovation of dwellings, covering energy performance, indoor environmental quality, and well-being indicators. 




The ALDREN Webinars. The ALDREN Project – ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings – focuses on increasing the rate and quality of building renovations through the development of performance assessments and certification schemes for deep renovation projects. ALDREN is targeted at office buildings and hotels. 



Webinar | Are architects ready for the digitalisation?. Join PROSPECT’s final workshop on October 22nd and learn from some of the most experienced cities, regions and energy agencies about innovative financing mechanisms. Financing local authorities’ sustainable energy and climate projects is hindered primarily by the lack of internal capacity.





original.jpgInternational DGNB Consultant Training The training to become a DGNB Consultant entails you to work closely with the design team and the client during the design and construction process within the meaning of the DGNB Certification.



original.jpgEU launches ‘renovation wave’ for greener, more stylish buildings The European Commission launched a renovation wave and a “new European Bauhaus” on Wednesday (14 October), aiming to rally popular support behind plans to cut emissions from buildings and reduce energy bills. 




original.jpgTask 59's Autumn Newsletter This newsletter gives you an overview of the project’s latest case studies added to the HiBERATLAS platform, our new blog posts, and updates on the project’s meetings and workshops.






original.jpgImproving competences of engineers and workers in the AEC industry for delivering NZEBs This article aims to provide a solution to overcome the deficient competences related to NZEB to increase them by using roadmaps derived from Horizon projects – Fit-to-NZEB and Net-UBIEP.




original.jpgRenovation Wave - the European Green Deal To reduce emissions by at least 55% in 2030 and build the foundations for a climate neutral Europe by 2050, the Renovation Wave aims to renovate 35 million inefficient buildings by 2030.Renovating them is essential to reducing emissions and energy use.



original.jpgA Renovation Wave for Europe -greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives Europe’s building stock is both unique and heterogeneous in its expression of the cultural diversity and history of our continent.But not surprisingly, it is also old and changes very slowly. Most of those existing buildings are not energy-efficient.





resalta.jpgSvart hotel in Norway: how to reach the Plus Energy target The architect firm Snøhetta, in collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Norway, Asplan Viak and Skanska, has designed “Svart”, the world’s first Plus Energy hotel in a Northern climate.




sykesNotarjeva vila.The house was built after the 1st world war as notary's villa in the former periphery of Tolmin where richer buildings were located.The house expresses the characteristics of secession and is listed in the Register of Slovene cultural heritage.




sykes4RinEU deep renovation: the case of Mariënheuvel in SoestThe H2020 project 4RinEU, coordinated by Eurac Research, aims to define technologies, methodologies and business models to increase the uptake of deep renovation in the European building stock.






sykesDuRSAAM project. DuRSAAM is a collaborative PhD framework creating a critical mass of experts skilled in innovative alkali-activated material (AAM) concrete, as a key enabling technology for a sustainable and resilient built environment. 




sykesConstr-HaVi project.The aim of this Fellowship is to develop the professional prowess, advanced training, interdisciplinary skills, high-impact dissemination, and practical experience commensurate with a leading independent researcher in the EU. The aim of the project is to investigate the building and engineering techniques utilized in constructing Hadrian’s Villa. 




sykesC - R.E.A.L. project. The main objective of C-REAL is to establish a permanent, structural collaboration between a mortgage lender (Onesto) and a renovation adviser (Dubolimburg) to increase the degree of renovation and improve renovation quality in the province of Limburg. 





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