EPC - Energy Performance Contracting

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Post date: 10 Oct 2012
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Post date: 10 Oct 2012
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De documenten die op de website van Agentschapnl staan bevatten een voorbeeldcontract en een handleiding voor een energieprestatiecontract. Dit energieprestatiecontract fungeert als een contractueel kader voor de invoering van een overeenkomst op het gebied van energiekostenbesparing. Nu het bij het contracteren van energieprestaties gaat om een veelomvattend concept, variërend van het plannen van maatregelen via de uitvoering daarvan tot het garanderen van energiebesparende resultaten, wordt in het energieprestatiecontract een regeling gegeven voor een hele reeks diensten.
Post date: 28 Jun 2012
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The goal of the workshop was to generate a discussion about the political and legal framework of the EU’s energy efficiency policy, including the directive proposal of the EU Commission. The proposal’s potential effects on current energy efficiency measures in Member States were analyzed. Additionally, experiences with the implementation of energy efficiency policies and measures by Members States and by the private sector were elaborated and exchanged, including presentations about successful implementation of energy saving obligations and energy saving contracting schemes.
Post date: 31 Ene 2012
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At the recent IEE European Info day, Energy Performance Certification was highlighted once again as a driver for step by step renovations of the existing building stock. The linkage is simple: EPC will influence the rental prices for buildings, whether residential or professional. It is therefore in the benefit of owners to invest in improving the energy performance of their buildings, in order to be able to maintain reasonable rental prices.
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Post date: 15 Dic 2011
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Building efficiency is widely acknowledged as a high-potential and costeffective means to increase Europe’s energy security, reduce carbon emissions, and create jobs. Europe’s public sector is being called upon to help realize this potential by playing a leading role in transforming the building stock towards better energy performance. One mechanism that has been put forward to support public-sector leadership on building efficiency – even in an era of tight fiscal policy and budget contraction – is energy performance contracting (EPC).
Post date: 10 Mayo 2011
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Presentation in Barcelona on 17 March 2011 at the Ecoserveis conference "http://bit.ly/fHhXvk)
Post date: 21 Mar 2011
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