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Dennis Diepeveen

Founder, Business Development Analyst in Built Environment (Private (SME or independent))

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Holy Warming Competition started: How would you keep a church warm on the inside in a sustainable way?

The competition Renovation of the St. Bavo Cathedral started recently. Right now, it takes three days to bring the temperature in the main area of the Cathedral to 12 degrees Celsius. This should be possible to improve! Everyone...

International Building Exhibition

Array The construction industry is facing great social, economic and technological challenges. Building must become sustainable, energy efficient, demand-driven and reasonably priced. This requires creativity, trust and most importantly, cooperation...

Handy calculator that converts from one energy unit to another


Sustainability at RICS - managing change in a changing world


Map of Worldwide Ecological Footprints

People living in different countries differ greatly in their demand on the Earth’s ecosystems. This is shown in the global map of the relative Ecological Footprint per person in 2007. The darker the color, the higher the Ecological Footprint per...

The Greenest Building is the One Already Built


Materials, durability and whole-life costing


Low energy house boats in the Netherland


Amsterdam Smart City Project


Dutch contact point for businesses, (knowledge) institutions and government bodies for information and advice, financing, networking and regulatory matters

NL Agency came about through a merger of EVD, The Netherlands Patent Office (Octrooicentrum Nederland) and SenterNovem. Focussing on sustainability, innovation, international business and cooperation, NL Agency is the number one contact point for...