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KredEx issuing grants for the reconstruction of small residential buildings / Väikeelamute rekonstrueerimistoetus

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Small residential buildings make up 1/3 of Estonia’s housing stock. Average energy consumption per square metre in buildings in Estonia is higher compared to the other EU Member States, and a cold climate is not the only reason for it.


From 14 November 2016, reconstruction grants for increasing the energy efficiency of small residential buildings can be sought from KredEx until the funds are exhausted.

In 2016, 1.35 M € has been allocated for this from the state budget. These grants enable up to 30% of the total cost of reconstruction to be covered, with the maximum grant amount being 15,000 €.


Support is provided for all aspects of thermally insulating a house, upgrading its heating systems, additionally the acquisition and commissioning of equipment running on renewable energy sources, and any other works that contribute to a reduction in energy consumption.


Analogous grants were provided through KredEx also in 2012, for 212 small residential buildings. At that time, the average cost of reconstruction was 40,000 €, whereas the average grant disbursement was 13,400 €.


Under the state budget strategy for 2017 to 2020, the plan is to fund grants for increasing the energy efficiency of small residential buildings during this period at the total cost of 6.91 M €.



For more information please see:  Väikeelamute rekonstrueerimistoetus Kredex fund (source language:Estonian).