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Quality Assurance System for Improvement of Indoor Environment and Energy Performance when Retrofitting Multifamily Houses now available

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A Quality Assurance (QA) system is a very useful tool to enable your organisation to retrofit and manage a large number of dwellings in a systematic and controlled way, thus harvesting the great potential for improvements. The IEE project SQUARE has produced a report on a QA system for the improvement of indoor invironment and energy performance of multi-family houses.

An important part of the energy efficiency improvement potential lies in the existing residential building stock. If we are to achieve significant reductions of energy use in existing buildings, it is important to perform future large-scale retrofitting of buildings in a systematic and controlled manner. When retrofitting a building many aspects must be taken into account and a quality assurance (QA) system can be a helpful tool in this process. To achieve effective routines during the management stage is also important.

The report describes a logical structure for and the essential parts of an organization’s quality assurance system for the improvement of indoor environment and energy performance of multifamily houses through retrofit. The requirements are set for self-declaration of the quality assurance system. A guideline for the QA system, including more information on it’s practical application with checklists, templates etc is also being developed.

The overall objective of the quality assurance system is to ascertain that all predefined requirements on indoor environment and energy performance are reached, i.e. that none of them is reached on too high expense of another.

The main target groups for the report, and the QA system, are organizations, co-operatives and privates owning multifamily houses and consultants, contractors and suppliers involved in retrofitting of multifamily houses.