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Existing buildings: tackling carbon emissions in cities

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Top Up takes the “high ground” to tackle carbon emissions in cities


Flavio Wanninger explains in an interview the real interest in adding an extra storey with his buildings solution – called ¨Top Up¨ - by choosing to help the environmental transition of buildings and cities.


Why should we add storeys to existing buildings?


FW:  ¨This is a good solution for two reasons. One: you get to add patrimonial value to your building by exploiting unused surfaces. Two: the addition of an extra storey is a great opportunity to embed the renovation of the building in the operation. That’s the pitch we give to building owners in Zurich to convince them. If they combine the extension with the renovation they make a profit and not just save money out of energy savings. But extra storeys can’t be added on any buildings, can they?¨ (...)



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