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Energy EXPO&Forum 2018, Tirana

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Energy Expo & Forum2018 comes as a second edition to the initial launch of Energy Expo & Forum 2017.

This edition will focus on the high potential in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia and Serbia to invest in electricity. With great unused potential, Albania benefits from huge investment opportunities in this area, which also pertains to current electricity market policies. The new Renewable Energy Law adopted last year and the regulated legal framework will create new prospects for investments and cooperation.

The event will take place on October 5-6, 2018 at Expocity Albania.

The novelty of this exhibition and forum will include the entire region and beyond, as well as on the topic to be tackled including environmental issues and respect for climate change, construction technology issues in respect of energy efficiency. This forum will gather collectors and producers of the renewable energy sector, becoming the main B2B platform for investors, developers and consultants. Participants will be advised across the spectrum of the energy sector regarding opportunities, the tendering process and the challenges, with a particular focus on the renewable energy sector and the future of energy in Albania and the region.

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