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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of October our topic is 'Financing energy efficiency of buildings'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?

  • Financial schemes to support energy Efficiency (both renovations and new buildings) and effectiveness at EU level
  • EPC models
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and role of financial players
  • De-risking energy efficiency investments
  • Green and energy efficiency mortgages
  • EU funds (ELENA, H2020 and others)

Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles


overview.jpgArchitecture 4.0. This overview explores the concept of Architecture 4.0 and its relation to digital information and communication technologies. It is important to emphasise that the digital transformation is characterised by a fusion of advanced technologies and the integration of physical and digital systems.


Expert talks


expert.jpgExpert Talk - Ursula Hartenberg, Sustainability expert in energy efficiency and finance in the building sector  the invited interviewee was Ursula Hartenberg, member of a series of international sustainable-development and responsible-investment platforms and sustainable finance expert with a track record of initiating and managing research.




Channelling investments to the renovation of social housing in Europe — Webinar . The webinar will explore innovative financing mechanisms to scale up renovation of social housing, overcoming market barriers and failures, and how to help households struggling with their bills, as the European Green Deal foresees.



Financing climate actions in cities - #EURegionsWeek workshop. In this workshop, the European City Facility (EUCF) joins forces with the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) and the H2020 PROSPECT project to discuss the implementation of financing schemes for climate & energy at local and regional level.



De-risking energy efficiency investments Workshop . EENVEST would like to invite you to the De-risking Energy Efficiency Investments Workshop that will take place in the Sustainable Places Conference on Thursday 29th of October. This online event will introduce the developments of the projects: EENVEST, TRIPLE-A and QUEST. 



WBEF Webinar: Energy efficient renovation – A green investment fit for the future? . One of the challenges for the financial sector is the lack of suitable strategies, processes and products for financing small-scale, tailored sustainable projects. Energy efficient retrofits of buildings is such a challenge. 



|Webinar| The Nordic way – innovative financing in green/ climate projects . PROSPECT aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience on innovative financing schemes used to implement sustainable energy and climate plans, especially within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. 




Webinar | Heating systems in the EPB standards. This 6th webinar is focused on the CEN standards related to heating and domestic hot water systems developed under the EC Mandate M/480 and published in 2017. On the long term, EU is pushing towards a change in energy carriers and technologies applied to provide comfort services in buildings. 



Webinar | Are architects ready for the digitalisation?. Join PROSPECT’s final workshop on October 22nd and learn from some of the most experienced cities, regions and energy agencies about innovative financing mechanisms. Financing local authorities’ sustainable energy and climate projects is hindered primarily by the lack of internal capacity.



Virtual Peer Learning on Sustainable Financing – Prospect project webinar. The webinar will present a European state-of-the-art analysis, examining how digitalised the construction industry already is, and which are the possible points of knowledge transfer. 




Build Up webinar | Green Homes going Mainstream - SMARTER Finance for Families . The SMARTER Finance for Families H2020 project intends to replicate the success of the Green Homes/ Green Mortgages (GH/GM) programme initiated by the Romanian Green Building Council (RoGBC). 




original.jpgHave you ever thought about installing solar panels at home and wished someone would make the process easy for you? Since September 2017, consumer organizations in 6 European countries have guided consumers through all the stages leading to the purchase of domestic renewable and efficient energy technologies. 



original.jpgThe Innovation Fund, a funding programme for low-carbon technologies  The EU launched applications for its Innovation Fund, one of the largest funding programmes for low-carbon technologies.It aims to support technologies, processes and products that tackle greenhouse gases emissions by offering financial support, attracting additional public and private resources. 



original.jpgLeading Experts Recommend Solutions for Green Restart and Radical Transformation of Bulgarian Economy. An unprecedented coalition with the participation of leading organizations from the innovative ecosystem, scientists, and environmentalists have prepared solutions for a green restart of the Bulgarian economy. 



original.jpgWhat role can finance play in the green recovery? EIT Climate-KIC and UNEP Finance Initiative ask leading thinkers to weigh in EIT Climate-KIC, in partnership with the UNEP Finance Initiative, is releasing Aligning finance for the net-zero economy: New ideas from leading thinkers, a series of papers that will contribute to the debate.



original.jpgPolish bank signs $18.6 million energy efficiency pact with EIB The two banks will finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects deployed by Polish homeowners, micro-farmers and housing associations.





original.jpgGlobal trends in renewables energy investment 2020 As COVID-19 hits the fossil fuel industry, the GTR 2020 shows that renewable energy is more cost-effective than ever – providing an opportunity to prioritize clean energy in economic recovery packages and bring the world closer to meeting the Paris Agreement goals.



original.jpgFinal report on correlation analysis between energy efficiency and risk (D5.7) In the last decade, energy efficiency (EE) has been considered as one of the major tools for addressing climate change, as it allows to reduce energy consumption (depending mainly from imported fossil fuels) and, therefore, also greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.



original.jpgLess energy more opportunities This document describes the results reached by the LEMON project, the tools - consultable on the website - and provides a series of useful suggestions to replicate the innovative deep retrofit process and avoid setbacks.




original.jpgEU renewable energy financing mechanism  The European Commission has established a new EU financing mechanism to support renewable energy projects, as foreseen under Article 33 of the Governance Regulation (EU) 2018/1999 of the Clean Energy for all European package. It becomes operational from January 2021.



original.jpg#1 Aligning finance for the net zero economy: new ideas from leading thinkers   The IPCC Special Report released in late 2018, highlighted the urgency of minimising global temperature rise to 1.5°C and emphasised the need for systems transitions that can be enabled by investments in climate change mitigation and adaptation.




resalta.jpgSvart hotel in Norway: how to reach the Plus Energy target The architect firm Snøhetta, in collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Norway, Asplan Viak and Skanska, has designed “Svart”, the world’s first Plus Energy hotel in a Northern climate.





sykesAUNA project. In extension of the work of the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums, AÚNA proposes to create in Spain a permanent, multilevel, multilateral discussion FORUM, fully focused on sustainable building financing, for the effective and wide implementation of the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings initiative.



sykesSMAFIN project. The overall aim of this proposal is to set up permanent discussion forums on energy efficiency investment topics gathering government, local and regional authorities, financial sector, ESCOs, homeowners, industry sector, construction sector and SME sector. The focus of the roundtables should include existing private and public buildings, industry and SME’s. 



sykesORFEE Project. The project aims to set-up a shared resource platform for third-party financing companies (STF) acting as One-Stop-Shops: The Office of Renovations and Financings for Energy Efficiency (ORFEE). 



Get ready for November's Topic of the Month 'Renovation of existing buildings' and prepare your next publications.


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