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FM Ireland

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FM Ireland incorporates Health & Safety & Fire Safety in Ireland. It is an opportunity to see and hear the latest in New Ideas, New Technologies, Best Practice, Products, Services, Suppliers and Solutions. These can help deliver safe and secure working environments that are cost effective and which add value to an organisation.


Now more than ever, you need to be sure you’re getting the maximum return from every euro and minute available to you. By putting all the products, people and knowledge you need in one place, FM Ireland offers the best possible return on your investment. So if you only have the time and budget to attend one event this year, make it this one.


The complete event for those involved in managing, maintaining and operating facilities of all kinds.


FREE Exhibition featuring the largest range of products and services assembled in one place in Ireland this year.


FREE Conference content addressing your day-to-day concerns.


The chance to talk to real people about real products, problems and practice.

In-depth advice on products and services from the people who make and supply them.

The greatest single gathering of your colleagues and people from related disciplines.

Ideas, inspiration and answers, whatever your area of responsibility and working environment.



One highlight concerning energy efficiency is Day Two panel including  the “Creating Carbon neutral workplaces” presentation

FM Stream Hosted By wifm & SCSI - Day Two:

The Work Space & The Working Environment

Date: 6 March 2019, Track: FM Stream

  1. Chairman TBA
  2. How Industry 4.0 will affect Facilities – Speaker TBA
  3. Smart Building Technology – Speakers TBA
  4. AI and Robotics in the FM Sector – Drones for Surveying - Drones & Robots Speaker TBA
  5. Creating Carbon neutral workplaces- Are they Achievable – Speaker TBA
  6. Panel Discussion - The Work Space & The Working Environment- Panellists TBA
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