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Energy Transition Dialogue in Luxembourg

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Be actor of the decarbonisation and electrification strategy

The energy transition is well under way. The digital transformation, new mobility approaches, new ideas for living in cities and the rising number of prosumers are examples of the ongoing energy transition.


This national dialogue event aims to bring all involved stakeholders and actors in the whole energy supply chain of Luxembourg to provide an overview of the energy landscape in Luxembourg and the challenges faced during the emerging sustainable transition towards electrification and decarbonisation.


This will be a meeting place to update and share expert knowledge, and an occasion to become part of innovation development in smart and low-carbon energy technologies to address energy transition challenges.


Especially, involvement of policymakers, regulators and business developers besides the electricity producers and distributors allows this event to become one of the most effective platforms to accelerate the energy transition in Luxembourg.




This event aims to inspire and stimulate collaboration among the private and public sectors, institutional entities and academia to address the challenges ahead and to participate as an actor to make the energy transition happen.


Topics to be discussed in the conference include, but are not limited to, renewable and electric vehicles integration, demand-side flexibility, digital transformation, new business models, and user acceptance.




-Opening speech by Minister Claude Turmes sharing the government’s view until 2050 and giving insights into trends at EU level


-Opening Keynote: Bertrand Piccard


-Outlook of the electricity operators on the transition of energy networks


-Pitches: Innovative models for transport, storage and data analytics


-Roundtable discussions on the human acceptance of technologies/new business models


A propos de LIST


Le Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) est une Organisation pour la Recherche et la Technologie active dans les domaines des matériaux, de l'environnement et de l'IT. En transférant la technologie vers la société ainsi que les entreprises locales, le LIST contribue fortement à la construction du Luxembourg de demain.

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