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Radojičić: Belgrade to subsidize up to 90% of buildings refurbishment

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Original source: Balkan Green Energy News / Author: Igor Todorović

Serbia’s capital city will introduce the measures from the strategy for district heating next year, right after it is adopted, according to Zoran Radojičić. Belgrade will thus continue to cut the use of polluting fuel, the mayor noted. In his words, carried by the local authority’s website, in 2019 its management established “firm foundations” of energy efficiency and within the efforts it is working on air quality by shutting down individual heating furnaces.

Belgrade’s chief explained most of the structures were made in the 1950s and 1960s and that the goal used to be to build as many homes as possible, at the expense of energy efficiency. Today, he said, the bill is due and much more energy is used for the heating of homes than is necessary.


“This is why it is important that we systematically improve the energy efficiency in buildings with particular measures, projects and decisions as well as raise the citizens’ awareness of the subject. We have to be aware of the problems we have, but it is even more important to offer solutions. The proof that Belgrade seriously started solving the problem is also in the fact that the City Assembly passed an amendment on a decision enabling the city’s municipalities to subsidize the refurbishment of facades and the spending for the maintenance of private buildings with a maximum of 90% of funds, while owners will be obligated to secure the remaining 10%. It means we have opened the possibility for every building in Belgrade to advance its energy efficiency,” Radojičić stated. He called on maintenance managers in residential buildings to motivate apartment owners to make use of the possibility. A minimal investment will lead to warmer homes, and they will save both energy and money, he added.


He stressed the significance of the project for thermal rehabilitation of public buildings amid improving energy efficiency in the city of Belgrade. The plan is to refurbish the buildings of the emergency medical service, the Students’ Polyclinic, its inpatient block and the City Library, the mayor asserted and added the design and technical documentation is being produced together with the tender files. 


“It is very important to reconstruct these significant structures, but the savings we will achieve are also notable. After the implementation of energy efficiency measures, there will be significant savings in heating, electrical energy and lowering the emissions of carbon dioxide. It must be added that Belgrade is working intensively together with [district heating public utility] Beogradske elektrane on shutting down heating furnaces,” Radojičić said.