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CarbonPositive’20 Conference and Expo

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Plan / Design / Build / Manufacture

a Carbon Positive future.



important and inspiring voices on global climate policy, sustainable architecture and urban design, and responsible material use and manufacture.



the latest design and construction approaches, strategies and tools in interactive sessions and workshops with industry experts.



with the people, products and ideas that are working today to rapidly design, build and manufacture a carbon positive future.


Implementing Rapid and Dramatic Carbon Reductions in the Global Built Environment


Over the next 4 decades, the world is projected to construct 230 billion square meters (2.5 trillion square feet) of buildings, an area roughly equal to the current worldwide building stock, or the equivalent of adding another New York City to the planet every 34 days.


The upfront carbon emissions associated with just three materials used in the construction of new buildings and infrastructure nearly equals annual building sector operational emissions.


The CONFERENCE and EXPO provide a “how-to” for planning, designing, building and manufacturing a CarbonPositive future – where buildings, developments and entire cities are constructed to use sustainable resources, generate surplus renewable energy, and convert atmospheric carbon into durable materials and products. 


To meet this challenge, sessions, speakers and exhibitors will showcase in-depth:


Innovative materials and advanced construction methods


Latest design tools and best practices


Leading edge policy efforts and planning practices


CarbonPositive’20 is an interdisciplinary, practice-focused event for architects, planners, engineers, builders, developers and policymakers.


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Architecture 2030 and ARCHITECT Magazine are committed to reducing and offsetting the carbon impacts of the CarbonPositive’20 CONFERENCE and EXPO as much as possible. Learn more about the actions we’re taking.



/kärbən • päzədiv/


A city, development, building, or product that goes beyond carbon neutral to create an environmental benefit and intentionally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, turning it into useful forms.


Architecture 2030 and ARCHITECT Magazine
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