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Unconference Living Future 2020

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The crisis of climate change is bearing down on the places and people we love. Committed to forward motion, our community works quickly to reverse this course even as a widening disaster looms on the horizon.


Yet – why do we still show up for the fight every day? What drives us? The data is bleak. The trend lines are blinding. Any sane person would have thrown in the towel. So why do we keep showing up?




We invite you to tell your story of hope at Living Future 2020. What will sustain hope through this crisis until the storm passes and we have prevailed? What actions would engender the hope required for us to be successful?


A compelling, hopeful vision for the future is what the International Living Future Institute was founded on, and what drives our team. Join us and share what sustains your hope for our future.


The organizers move forward with Living Future 2020 as a digital event, one that promises to be open and accessible to all and appeal to an even wider international audience. This digital Living Future will harness the impact of our powerful community that meets annually to explore ways to fight a crisis amid chaos, and now, we are hopeful that our community will rise with us to embody the theme of Living Future 2020, “Sustaining Hope Within Crisis.”






Join a community of changemakers.


Become a part of out community of changemakers by becoming a volunteer at LF20. The International Living Future Institute is hosting its 14th annual unConference on May 5 – 8, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency in Seattle, Washington.


We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.




Become a Sponsor


The Living Future unConference is a game-changing platform for the green building movement’s most innovative leaders to come together to ideate and exchange expertise. As a sponsor of Living Future, your organization will have the unique opportunity to share your message and sustainability work with key decision makers in the industry.



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