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The 2050 Calculator

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The purpose of the calculator is to build an energy pathway that hits the 80% CO2 emission reduction target at the top of the page. As you get closer to achieving this the arrow will move to the right.


The calculator models what is thought to be physically and technically possible in forty-two different sectors. It is based on scientific and engineering data and was built in collaboration with a wide range of organisations from inside and outside of government.


Designed for the UK, this learning tool represent each sector of most energy system.  The calculator allows to consider the choices and trade-offs faced today by society: it covers all parts of the economy and all greenhouse gas emissions released, in this case, in the UK. As the sliders are adjusted your progress towards achieving the 80% target is updated. At the same time, the picture near the top of the screen changes to reflect the choices made. There are eight ways to see the impact of your choices, which include: supply and demand of energy and electricity, total emissions, energy flows, area of land required, impact on air quality, energy security and cost.