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Golden PV panels for balcony solar systems

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Over the past few months, Swiss Renova has been renovating a multifamily structure dating back to 1963, in line with the passive housing standard. The Swiss construction company paid particular attention to sustainability and energy efficiency, with Balco Balkonkonstruktionen integrating 240 special solar modules into the building’s 96 balconies.


The modules meet all the guidelines of Switzerland’s Energy Saving Ordinance, as well as the aesthetic and architectural requirements of the building, the company claims. The monocrystalline solar modules were installed below the balconies. The front sides of the modules were made with structured glass and dot grids, in combination with gray embedding film, to give the PV elements a golden color.


The solar modules offer a combined output of 46 kW. They are expected to generate up to 30,000 kWh of solar power per year, with all electricity to be used by the building for self-consumption purposes.


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