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The European Green Deal is Going Local

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Photo by Derk Jan Speelman on Unsplash

Photo by Derk Jan Speelman on Unsplash

The European Committee of the Regions launches a new working group to ensure that cities and regions can bring the European Green Deal off the ground with concrete projects and direct funding to local and regional authorities 

The European Committee of the Regions has today launched the 'Green Deal Going Local' working group. ​Composed of 13 local and regional elected representatives, its objective is to guarantee that EU cities and regions are directly involved in the definition, implementation and assessment of the numerous initiatives under the European Green Deal, the EU's sustainable growth strategy to reach climate-neutrality by 2050.


"It is now time to invest together and accelerate the transition towards a clean, sustainable and carbon-neutral economy. Through the EU's recovery package and the European Green Deal, we must empower and finance cities and regions to build resilience and bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis". This is the main message coming from the first meeting of the 'Green Deal Going Local' working group. The working group starts its works as the European Commission has put on the table a new recovery instrument of €750 billion, and has reinforced climate-related elements in the proposed long-term budget of €1,100 billion for 2021-2027. It now needs the approval of the EU's Member States and of the European Parliament. 


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