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European energy labels: rescaling and transition periods

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Credits: European Commission

As a result of the development of more and more energy efficient products, and because the difference between A++ and A+++ is less obvious to the consumer, the EU energy labels categories will be gradually adjusted to reintroduce the simpler A to G scale. 


In concrete terms, this means that five product groups will be 'rescaled' in the course of 2021

  • fridges
  • dishwashers
  • washing machines
  • electronic displays including televisions
  • lamps

and the other product groups carrying EU energy labels will follow in the coming years.


A product showing an A+++ energy efficiency class could for example become a class B after rescaling, without any change in its energy consumption.


The class A will initially be empty to leave room for more energy efficient models. This will enable consumers to distinguish more clearly between the most energy efficient products. At the same time, it is likely to encourage manufacturers to continue research and innovation into more energy efficient technologies. An article that focuses on and further explains the new generation of EU energy labels (in EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, PL) was published by the European Commission 13 August 2020.


The final format and visual identity of the new labels for the above product groups, and also for ‘refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function’, were adopted by the Commission on 11 March 2019.


The EU Member States will inform citizens about the changes the new EU energy labels will bring through dedicated communication campaigns, with the support of the European Commission. In addition, two Horizon 2020 funded projects LABEL2020 and Boost Energy Label Take up (BELT) will promote and support, a smooth market transition of the new energy labels.