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Credits: BUILDHEAT project

OVERVIEW | Integrated kits for building renovation

The building renovation sector has been moving towards the trend of using prefabricated renovation kits as an approach to effectively target the needs of any given project, and the design of kit-solutions that are able to respond to a range of...

Renovation of a 6-storey office building located in Saint-Etienne

The construction is an office building originally in masonry whose renovation has been designed by atelier d’architecture Rivat as architectural firm (Architecte associé: atelier des vergers).   The renovation has been completed in 2017 and it is...

BIM4EEB – Project Second year

During 2019, the first year, the BIM4EEB project outlined needs and requirements to be satisfied during the renovation process in order to ensure the best adaptation of the methodological and technological features of BIM4EEB toolset to...

Ilmanvaihdon suunnittelulle uudet perusteet

Tieteellisiä, kritiikkiä kestäviä, ilmanvaihdon mitoitusperusteita ei ole.   Mitoituskäytäntö on perustunut paljolti kokemusperäiseen tietoon, jolloin ilmanvaihdon onnistuminen riippuu suunnittelijan kokemuksesta, kirjoittaa LVI-tekniikan...
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EFFECT4buildings International Magazine for Building Managers

This is EFFECT4buildings magazine   EFFECT4buildings project is providing building owners and managers with a set of financial tools and instruments to support the implementation of more energy efficiency measures, developed, and improved...

OVERVIEW | 3D printing in the construction sector

3D printing, also referred as additive manufacturing (AM), is a major element of the fourth industrial revolution and has the potential to transform the construction sector as a way of introducing robotization into construction.   3D...

European Construction Sector Observatory: Czech Republic

Over the 2010-2019 period, Czech Republic’s GDP increased by 22.6%, totalling CZK5,182.8 billion (EUR 198.2 billion) in 2019.   This is an annual growth of 2.4% compared to the 2018 levels. Czech’s economy performed well in 2019,...

New solutions for funding Europe’s energy transition

This CORDIS Results Pack specifically introduces you to 10 EU-funded projects that have been working to develop tools and solutions that will help to accelerate the financing of energy efficiency investments, as well as offering concrete...

Promoting energy efficiency standards and technologies to enhance energy efficiency in buildings

An important goal of public policy to stimulate transition to a sustainable energy system is to improve energy efficiency –a target clearly set out in Sustainable Development Goal 7.   Indeed, improving energy efficiency is one of the most...

Study on the development of a European Union framework for digital building logbooks

This study provides the basis for the development of an EU framework for Digital Building Logbooks.   The definition of Digital Building Logbook has been created as part of this study, based on a thorough stakeholder consultation,...