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On 01.01.2021, the nearly zero-energy building standard will be implemented for new buildings in EU countries. The construction sector is thus facing both the major task of executing the lowest energy standard of buildings and ongoing changes in the labour market.  
Post date: 3 déc 2020
Type: Actualité

To support the professional execution of nearly zero-energy buildings new pilot “Train the Trainer” courses are being implemented in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Slovakia.  
Post date: 13 mai 2019
Type: Actualité

European Best practices in using Energy Performance Certificate databases - Report Since the certificates were first introduced in 2007, a number of European countries have stored data from Energy Performance Certificates in monitoring databases. This EPC data can be used for many purposes and, in order to show how the information is being used in different countries, an expert workshop was organized in Belgium on November 4th, 2014. Please find the results in the URL. 
Post date: 14 déc 2015
Type: Publication