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Portrait de Milka Hrbud

Milka Hrbud

Projects Leader, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (Non-profit)

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Nearly-zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) Regional Conference: Croatia

The organizer of the nZEB regional conference - the first event of this kind in Croatia - is North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning. The conference is going to be held...

NZEB Awareness Report: SUSTAINCO project

The document was created for collecting the experiences and attitudes of local community representatives of municipalities and cities as key stakeholders in the planning of sustainable construction (investment, urban planning etc.). Getting feedback...


This document gives an overview of EU and national legislation (SUSTAINCO project partners) regarding energy performance in building sector and funding sources available for implementation of a NZEB or similar building standards. The paper is also a...

SUSTAINCO Case Study - Garwnant Visitor Centre

This is one of the SUSTAINCO project's case studies. Garwnant Visitor Centre in Wales is a publicly owned site originally consisting of a single stone building. The aim of this development was to add a new building and re-develop the old one, making...

SUSTAINCO The Green House Case Study

This case study is from the SUSTAINCO project. The Green House - a privately owned, retrofitted home in the village of Cusop, near Hay-on-Wye in Herefordshire. It is a highly energy-efficient building which makes best use of its natural surroundings...