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My2050 - Educational webtool on low carbon scenario for 2050

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With 'My2050' the Belgian government aims to encourage a debate with all citizens (and pupils of the 3rd degree secondary in particular) on how we can make our society evolve towards a low carbon society by 2050.


My2050 provides:


-an insight into the possible changes in the different sectors (transport, buildings, industry, energy supply and agriculture);


-the possibility to develop your own transition scenario by selecting ambition levels for the various "levers" in these sectors. Each choice is immediately visible in the virtual landscape;


-a simultaneous calculation of the emission reduction of this scenario for our country in 2050;


-analyses of this scenario regarding emission reductions, energy demand and net import and export of electricity, and also calculates its costs;


-clear information through 7 animations (about amongst others the challenges and solutions in the various sectors) and 13 info sheets (one for each lever);


-a manual for teachers for optimal use in class (secondary schools);


-the possibility to save, compare and distribute your scenario through the social medias.


-The use is very intuitive. However it also provides a useful link to short explanatory animations (by clicking on the “How?” button).


Check the link below to try!