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My2050 - Webtool for experts on low carbon scenario for 2050

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Under this project, the development of a sophisticated Belgian calculator was essential in order to be able to build different low carbon scenarios for Belgium and to analyse some of their impacts.


This calculator will enable you:

  • To explore in greater detail the impacts of the various scenarios described in the study ‘Scenarios for low carbon Belgium by 2050’.
  • To construct your own emission reduction pathway by activating the main reduction levers as you see fit and by choosing the main parameters determining these pathways.

The calculator includes all the technological and behavioural levers which can be activated with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in relation to both the demand for energy (transport, buildings, and industry) and the corresponding supply of energy.


How to use it?

Four possible ambition levels have been defined for each lever, the first (1) involving minimal effort, the fourth (4) underpinned by maximum physical or technical potential. The main activity parameters can also be modified.


The action of these levers can be visualised in various fields (see button «implication»):

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy supply and demand
  • Energy flows
  • Story
  • Electricity
  • Security of energy supply
  • Costs