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New structures in the German incentives for energy efficient buildings

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With 1st April 2009 the German state owned bank KfW has restructured the incentive programmes for energy efficient buildings. So far for both, new and existing buildings, various types of soft loan programmes were offered. Now they are clearly structured into "Energieeffizient Bauen" (energy efficient new buildings) and "Energieeffizient Sanieren" (energy efficient retrofit). For new buildings there are two different levels of funding: KfW-Effizienzhaus 55 (houses with a primary energy use of 55 % of the maximum level according to the German energy decree) and KfW-Effizienzhaus 70 (houses with a primary energy demand of 70 % of the maximum allowed level). Also the retrofit programme is based on the primary energy use with 100 % and 70 % of the allowed primary energy demand of new buildings. Additionally there are still soft loans for combined energy efficient retrofit measures such as insulation, new windows, new heating systems or new ventilation systems.