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¨nZEB target objective in the energy refurbishment of the building market¨ workshop

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The AIDA project, in collaboration with Cabee project, is organizing an International workshop during the KlimaEnergy fair days, in Bolzano.

The seminar introduces the legislative updates at a European and National level of the nearly Zero-Energy Buildings concept and the opportunities to support public institutions to introduce energy policies in urban planning in order to reduce the CO2 emissions and to increase the number of nZEBs. The seminar wants to urge the building market to adopt these energy performance targets during energy renovation, presenting case studies and experiences, barriers found and the possibilities to overcome them.


For further information please download the event's leaflet by clicking here.

The AIDA project aims to accelerate the market entry of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB). This means energy efficient buildings and the use of renewable energy sources, which are both highlighted in the IEE2011 work programme. Currently, there is a lack of intense actions to spread knowledge about nZEB. It is evident, that citizens will be better prepared and more willing to adopt nZEB, if their municipality sets an example thus giving them direct access to and experience of nZEB. Raising awareness towards nZEB among local authorities and building planners becomes a key factor. The target group is primarily municipal representatives as market multipliers on the demand side, and also includes architects and master-builders on the supply side.
AIDA offers action tailored to suit each of these groups including study tours, operational success stories, presentation of existing tools, active support for municipalities and close cooperation with key actors. 
For more information about the Aida Project, please click here.


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