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9th International BUILDAIR-Symposium

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The 9th International BUILDAIR-Symposium offers a variety of presentations and firsthand accounts of experiences in planning and practicing air tightness measurements, quality controls, thermographies and ventilation systems. The top conference in the field this year once again speaks to all practitioners as craftsmen, contractors, energy consultants, planners, and architects. In your contributions, you may pass on and explain basic as well as expert knowledge in the fields of airtightness of the building envelope, ventilation, and quality assurance.

In the end, it does not matter who sets the requirements and standards for the airtightness of the building envelope; planning them, executing and measuring them professionally, achieving the target energy standard and the desired level of comfort, as well as guaranteeing functioning ventilation systems remains a discipline comprising a very large extent of knowledge. The Symposium will provide the opportunity to present existing and new knowledge, as well as to promote the exchange among all those involved in the construction industry, consequently making knowledge application in everyday practice easier. The accompanying exhibition will show products and technologies related to the airtightness of buildings.

Topics at the conference

• Building air tightness in the light of current standards and regulations
• Quality assurance with planning and construction of air tightness
• Air tightness concepts in practice for residential and nonresidential buildings
• Robust and approved solutions – Airtightness design of building components and elements
• Experience with airtightness in the rehabilitation of existing buildings – innovative approaches to renovation
• Building preparation in practice
• Leakage detection and evaluation of leakages
• Demands for building thermography
• Reports from practice, analyses applying airtightness measurements and thermography
• Pollutants, humidity and mould in tight buildings
• Building and defects liability law
• Learning from the damages of others – Current legal practice for special damages
• Innovative products for an airtight building envelope, ventilation systems, indoor air hygiene, moisture management, and user impact.


The conference will be sponsored by BlowerDoor GmbH (Springe, Platinum sponsor) and pro clima MOLL bauökologische Produkte GmbH (Schwetzingen).

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