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Web based dynamic simulation solutions towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB): best practices from AIDA project

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GreenspaceLive Ltd. is an e-startup based in the Isle of Lewis and it has developed some of the most innovative online BIM technology available today along with gEnergy, a powerful new building simulation engine for the cloud, and gModeller, a rich BIM enabler plugin for SketchUp. The company was a partner in the AIDA project and made significant contributions particularly with the design process of working towards nearly-zero-energy-buildings (nZEB).

From the spring of 2012 until March 2015, AIDA aimed to increase the number of nZEBs, the number of building professionals trained on integrated energy design and the number of municipalities starting to build/refurbish buildings to nZEB levels. More than 1600 project participants utilised the AIDA version of the simulation tools to ensure that the right design decisions were made by iteratively applying solutions which resulted in an optimised design.


More detailed information about web based dynamic simulation solutions can be found here.