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Web-tool demonstrates the financial feasibility of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) renovations: best practices from AIDA project

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In the processes of building renovations, building owners will not only look for pertinent information but also evaluate the different alternatives that are available to them. AIDA project partner HESPUL (a non-profit body that accompanies local rural municipalities building climate action plans as well as providing energy information advice to the general public) has tackled the challenge of providing a simple tool that demonstrates the financial viability of high performance renovations (nZEB and better) and shows building owners that upfront costs should not be the determining factor when considering building thermal renovations.

The web tool, designed as a “teaser” for energy information advisors and tradesmen alike, demonstrates the yearly energy and loan repayments for a renovation project. Energy costs, building performance, subsidies and interest rates can all be adjusted to approach real-world conditions. A simple graph is all that it takes to demonstrate that with the right conditions, a costly nZEB renovation is actually easier to repay than a cheaper superficial renovation.

More detailed information about this web-tool is available here.