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New voluntary French label for the carbon footprint of office buildings

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Initiated by the French association for the development of low carbon buildings (Association pour le développement du Bâtiment Bas Carbone-BBCA), the BBCA label for new office buildings was launched. This voluntary label attests the exemplary nature of the building carbon footprint. 

Managed by the certification body Certivea, the BBCA label values all low carbon practices in construction (intelligent mix of materials, sober design...) and during building use (low-carbon energy, renewables...). It also takes into account the benefits of carbon storage in bio-based materials and the efforts made in terms of circular economy.

The label can be obtained from the design or at the delivery phase. It allows to:


  • measure performance of a building in terms of reducing CO2 emissions over its entire life cycle;
  • certify a BBCA score: Standard, Performance, or Excellent;
  • value low carbon buildings by displaying the logo BBCA;
  • have the support of BBCA association for communication;
  • demonstrate commitment to low carbon transition.

An extension of the label is foreseen in the coming months to cover collective residential buildings.


Further information (in French) on the BBCA label is available here.


The press release (in French) is available here.