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EPD & ECO Platform, a successful story

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This event, organised by the ECO Platform, will take place on 6 October 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, aiming to present the ECO Platform Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) – a European solution for all construction products.


During the event, attendees will:


  • learn more about the use of EPD in Green Building Schemes and in National regulative examples, as well as how to fill the gap from national databases to Building Life-cycle assessment;
  • take the chance to encounter the numerous industry advantages: increased visibility of EPD, reduced efforts and costs, as well as internal improvements of processes and products by using and supporting the ECO Platform EPD and the ECO Platform;
  • get a deep insight into the current policy and standardisation activities on CEN and ISO level, especially on how to align the EPD standard with the PEF methodology and ECO Platform’s activities in this issue;
  • support the idea of ECO Platform, by making their own ECO Platform EPD visible through the official EPD handover in order to underline the importance of the common format of ECO Platform EPD as a practical existing solution which has become an industry standard all across Europe.


Further information on registration, venue etc. can be found at the link below.


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