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Identifying indicators for the life cycle environmental performance, quality and value of EU office and residential buildings - JRC Working Paper

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The European Commission's 2014 Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector identified the need for a common EU approach to the assessment of the environmental performance of buildings. A study to develop this approach was initiated in 2015 by DG ENV and DG GROW, with the technical support of DG JRC-IPTS.


The output from the first stage in this study during 2015 was a first Working Paper identifying 'macro-objectives' for the life cycle environmental performance of buildings. This second Working Paper reports on the interim findings of the second stage of the study, in which performance indicators at building will be identified. It provides an analysis of a range of evidence for action at building level that has contributed towards six of the macro-objectives:


  • Public sector initiatives at national and regional level, including building permitting and planning requirements;
  • Building practitioners: Feedback from field studies of building projects where higher environmental performance has been sought;
  • Assessment and reporting schemes: The operational experience from running and using major multi-criteria certification schemes and investor reporting tools currently being used across Europe;
  • Technical studies: The findings from studies that synthesise experience and expertise from the building sector in one or several member states in order to propose or refine performance measurement tools, metrics and guidance;
  • Standards and harmonisation initiatives: The findings from projects to support greater harmonisation and uptake of performance measurement and reporting tools;
  • Collaborative EU projects: The findings from collaborative EU projects that have brought together partners to share knowledge and experience related to performance improvement.


The evidence brought together in this working paper has been used to identify performance indicators under each of the macro-objectives. An initial identification of preferred options for indicators has been made in order to stimulate discussion with stakeholders.




You can download the document at the link below.