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REDay2018 will be held 9th October 2018, European Parliament, Room JAN6Q1 with the title “Key tools to boost energy renovation”.

The amended Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) contains a vision for 2050 for the buildings stock in the EU – it will have to be highly energy efficient and decarbonised, reaching cost-effective nearly zero energy levels.  As a result, it is time for action and the Member States will need to be armed with all the right tools and resources to achieve this challenging and necessary vision.

This year’s Renovate Europe event, to be held inside the European Parliament in Brussels, will look at how to plan properly for the achievement of this 2050 vision.  We will have presentations from all levels of governance from the EU to the local, city level passing through the national and sub-national levels.  Our invited audience will represent a cross-section of concerned stakeholders ready to assist the various levels of governance to play their part in the transformation of the building stock in the EU before 2050.

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