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The EU H2020 project BAMB (“Buildings as Material Banks”) and the One Planet Network joins to debate how currently available tools are supporting a systemic shift towards circularity in the built environment through digitalization, assessment and procurement.

Next 20th September 2018 in Brussels, the BAMB team will present their core results and share experiences from pilot projects in order to demonstrate how BAMB tools can help to take significant steps on the path towards a circular future. One Planet Network will introduce the approach of and good circular practices from three global programmes on buildings, procurement and tourism that are committed to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production in both developed and developing countries.

This event aims at sharing knowledge and showcasing tools that are already available for circular construction. The objective is to learn from different approaches and build a road towards a circular construction sector that can provide climate positive solutions in a resource positive way. Awareness must still be further raised amongst all stakeholders world-wide and the whole value network must be committed to developing processes to get closer to the goal of circularity.

The event will take place in Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) building sited in Tour & Taxis. 

EU H2020 project BAMB - One Planet Network
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