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In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of March our topic is ‘Renovation and retrofitting of existing Public and non-residential buildings’.


Which content is related to the topic?

  • Integration of national building renovation strategies into the EPBD
  • Road map for a decarbonised building stock by 2050
  • Smart Financing
  • Link between public finance and energy performance certificates


Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles


How is the EU supporting BIM and ICT development in the buildings sector? The first European conference on BIM and the energy performance of buildings was held in June 2018. The aim was to present the status of BIM, and the opportunities and challenges regarding the use of BIM for the regulatory assessment of the energy performance of buildings.




flyer.jpgREEEM Technology and Innovation Roadmap Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. The objective of the REEEM roadmap is to explore innovative methods and technologies that enable reaching EU energy efficiency targets for 2030. It further explores the road toward the full renovation of building stocks by 2050. 


Greenbuild Europe 2019. Greenbuild Europe is the premier annual conference for European green building professionals.Attendees worldwide across a variety of industries participate in Greenbuild Europe to share best practices, time-tested solutions and innovative strategies to advance healthy, high-performance buildings.


Meeting Europe’s building renovation challenge. Inaugural ‘’renovation innovation showcase’’ event to present three key solutions from our project portfolio (including Building Market Briefs, 2ndSKIN, Financing Near-zero Energy Building Renovations in Utrecht Province) addressing decarbonisation of buildings in Europe.




Webinar on iBRoad – My path towards an energy efficient home. This webinar, organized by the iBRoad project in collaboration with Build Up, adresses the iBRoad project. The project is working on the concept of Building Renovation Passports combining an individual building renovation roadmap, with a repository of building-related information.


Urban Adaptation Support Tool (UAST). The aim of the Urban Adaptation Support Tool (UAST) is to assist cities, towns and other local authorities in developing, implementing and monitoring climate change adaptation plans. UAST was developed as a practical guidance for urban areas, in recognition of their importance in the European economy.




#EUSEW19 Awards: applications open now! The theme for 2019 is “Shaping Europe’s energy future” and it will cover a series of activities with an EU-wide scope. EUSEW will take place during the third week of June and include the EUSEW Policy Conference in Brussels from 18 to 20 June. The opening of submissions for the #EUSEW19 Awards has been officially launched!


Webinar on STUNNING: Innovative business models and smart financing for the deep renovation of European buildings. The project has the goal to promote successful and innovative building renovation packages and business models around a virtual and collaborative knowledge sharing platform. If you want to know more do not miss this webinar in collaboration with Build Up!


BIM4Ren project – How do you use BIM in renovation processes? BIM4REN is a research project involving 23 European partners. They need you! They would like to collect the testimony of BIM experts and professionals in renovation works in order to list the needs and locks encountered.




resalta.jpgBenchmarks for environmental impact of housing in Europe. The study describes the results of a full LCA applied to 24 statistically-based dwelling archetypes, representative of the EU housing stock in 2010. The aim is to quantify the average environmental impacts related to housing in Europe and to define reference values (baseline scenario) for policies development.


resalta.jpgCombined seismic and energy upgrading of existing buildings using advanced materials. The Exploratory research project iRESIST+ explores a novel concept, by applying a hybrid structural-plus-energy retrofitting solution which combines inorganic textile-based composites with thermal insulation systems for building envelopes.


Financing the renovation of the Cypriot building stock. TUsing the Invert/EE-Lab model, three policy scenarios to 2050 are assessed with the aim to estimate the energy efficiency potential of the Cypriot building sector and identify policy solutions to harness this potential.




theodore.jpgOXIGEN OFFICE BUILDING. The building reaches the Passive-house standard and is also BREEAM Excellent certified. The prefabrication of facades and the reduction of cold needs with residual needs covered by a chiller group equipped with a free chilling, are the strong points of the project.


theodore.jpgEfficiency House Plus - Renovation of 2 Row Houses from 1938, Neu-Ulm Germany. In Neu-Ulm, in the southern part of Germany, the first Efficiency House Plus projects from an existing building stock were finished in 2015 with the renovation of two multi-storey dwellings owned by the housing company NUWOG.




palette.jpgPEGASUS project. The innovative approach of PEGASUS - Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable USes of electricity is focused on experimenting a simulation of functioning of microgrids in 7 pilot areas jointly; solutions will be based on concrete situation with real data. 


palette.jpgRENOZEB project. RenoZEB aims to unlock the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic approach to retrofitting. This will include innovative components, and processes and decision making methodologies to guide all value-chain actors in the nZEB building renovation action.


palette.jpgBIMcert project. The BIMcert project will develop a blended, fully supported suite of Building Information Modelling learning tools, which will allow geographically dispersed construction project teams to use technology to enhance information exchange and collaboration.  


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