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Guideline for cost benefit analysis of grid development projects

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This Guideline for Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects is developed in compliance with the requirements of the EU Regulation (EU) 347/2013.


The Regulation is intended to ensure a common framework for multi-criteria cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for TYNDP projects, which are the sole base for candidate projects of common interest (PCI). Moreover this guideline is recommended to be used as the standard guideline for project specific CBA as required by Regulation (EU) 347/2013 Article 12(a) for the CBCA process. In this regard all projects (including storage and transmission projects) and promoters (either TSO or third party) are treated and assessed in the same way.


The indicators are designed to support the specific requirements given in Article 4.2 of the Regulation in respect of market integration; sustainability (including the integration of renewable energy into the grid, energy storage, etc.) and security of supply.


This is reflected in the structure of the main categories of the project assessment methodology described in the Guideline below. The indicators defined in the Guideline are designed to be evaluated in compliance with the stipulations of the Regulation, as described in Annex IV.