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11th International BUILDAIR Symposium - Call for Papers

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Current know-how on airtightness, leaks and ventilation systems


All colleagues from Germany, Europe and beyond, who are concerning with the subject of airtightness of buildings, are cordially invited to contribute to the content of the 11th International BUILDAIR Symposium with a contribution. Proposals can be submitted up to November 1, with a single-page abstract in German or English. The contributions can convey and explain basic knowledge as well as expert knowledge on airtightness, thermography, ventilation and quality assurance. Detailed information on the Call for Papers can be found on the conference website


Topics at the conference


  • Evolution of regulatory requirements, state of the national annexes and current state of implementation of the EN ISO 9972 (practical experience)
  • Estimation and rating of leakages (problems, measurements, conclusions)
  • Accuracy of airtightness testing methods and reliability of test results (measurement uncertainty, repeatability and reproducibility)
  • Challenges in quality assurance in new construction and retrofitted buildings (airtightness concept, measurement techniques, technical solutions and applicable airtightness concepts)
  • Additional Measurements (very airtight buildings, guard zone measurement)
  • Measurement of big buildings (possibility, equipment, practise)
  • Product development of adhesive and sealants
  • Measurement of ducts leakage and air outlet (requirement, practise)
  • Experience with thermal imaging