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EU GreenWeek 2019

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Environmental laws have a huge impact on our life. They improve water and air quality, they protect nature, and they encourage recycling and waste management. But to really make an appreciable difference, these EU laws must be implemented in full.


In March 2019, the European Commission will publish a set of reports on the state of implementation of environmental laws in Europe: the Environmental Implementation Review.


EU Green Week 2019 will weigh up the findings of this Review, asking questions such as:

  • What benefits do EU environmental laws bring for citizens?
  • What does successful implementation look like?
  • Where are the problem areas?
  • How can stakeholders take ownership of these laws?
  • Most importantly, we will be looking at how the EU can facilitate the process, making sure that the voices of citizens are heard.

The week will be built around the findings of the Environmental Implementation Review, and its suggestions for the future of these laws.

From the Buildup portal, besides shedding light on :


Some partner events :


Zero is the new Hero: Big buyers joining forces to achieve zero emission construction sites


Study visit of the MOLOC project in Lille


& the sessions “3” of the Brussels Conference embracing energy, the urban and local scales and the Circular Economy Package…


May we highlight Session 2.1 on Thursday16 May  2019 :  09.30 –11.00


Innovation in implementing sustainable construction ambitions

In collaboration with WorldGBC


The EU has boldly led global action on energy efficiency in buildings. Across the region, a giant industry is mobilising to deliver a new generation of nearly zero energy buildings from 2021. As we near this deadline, however, leading states and industry actors are waking up to the reality that we are only addressing part of the building sector’s impact. Our vision must now extend towards its total impact.


This session will explore the EU’s world-leading efforts to establish foundations for a sustainable construction agenda: Level(s) -which brings together climate, environment, social and economic goals. Level(s) addresses greenhouse gas emissions, resources and circularity, water, health, resilience, cost and value, looking at impacts through the whole building life cycle.


Participants will learn how leaders from the public, private and third sectors are innovating to implement sustainable construction ambitions and engage in how we overcome implementation challenges to a sustainable built environment.



  • Matti Kuittinen, Senior Adviser, Ministry of the Environment, Finland
  • Lena Hök, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Skanska
  • Lars Ostenfeld Riemann, Executive Director, Ramboll Buildings
  • Christine Lemaitre, CEO, German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB)


  • James Drinkwater, Europe Director, World Green Building Council
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