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InBetween H2020 Project

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InBetween Project Logo

InBetween Project Logo

Inducing a behavioral change towards Energy Efficiency represents an unsolved societal challenge with potentially enormous environmental impact, but it is still difficult to get people to adopt a more energy-efficient lifestyle due to several factors:


-low monetary benefits for the individuals (an average energy bill does not represent a significant portion of the home budget)

-low capability to change energy demand patterns and energy use practices due to aspects related to lifestyle, habits, daily routines, work/family commitments

-lack of global conscience related to the impact of energy generation and use on the environment (pollution, Greenhouse Gas emissions) , and the tendency to perceive the individual consumption as insignificant

-the complexity of existing ICT platforms/tools which usually require intensive User engagement often interfering with the normal, everyday, activities.


In particular, concerning behavioral change there is a difference between agency and capacity:


-Agency: user’s interest in and willingness to act (behave in a certain way)

-Capacity: actor’s ability to perform the choices he/she made


Both agency and capacity are contextual and influenced by technical, institutional, financial, political, social, psychological and other factors.


InBetween project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 768776 on 1st November 2017 to improve people’s capacity towards a more energy-efficient behaviour.


InBetween Project Consortium (made up by RINA as the project coordinator, ACCIONA, AIT, DEVELCO PRODUCTS, IDC, PUPIN, VILOGIA and SONNENPLATZ) is going develop a cloud based platform that does not require complex or expensive equipment installation and that aims to provide easily accessible tailored information which is perceived by people as relevant to them and with clear energy (and non-energy) added value.


InBetween platform will allow Users to integrate their building’s connected devices and systems with advanced energy analytics and optimisation services to create a comprehensive and customized   recommendation and feed-back solution.


By October 2020, the project will assist people to identify energy wastes and learn how they can conserve energy:


-Cause a significant reduction of final energy consumption prompted by innovative ICT solutions clearly quantified and substantiated, and subsequent reduction of CO2 emissions

-Accelerate the wider deployment and adoption of user-friendly ICT solutions prompting behavioural change and energy efficiency, including plans for its sustainability after the project's life and potential/readiness for replication

-Get a number of energy end-users changing their behaviour documenting why and how changes are an effect of particular measures taken, as well in terms of the sustainability of the behavioural change


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