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Energy efficiency, traditional buildings and training? - H2020 project PRO-Heritage

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In June 2017, Burghauptmannschaft Oesterreich had submitted a project proposal for Horizon 2020, which landed on the waiting list with more than 90% points achieved. Hardly anyone remembered it at the end of 2018...


And then suddenly, out of the blue, the approval for PRO-Heritage came; a project that seeks to provide training to professionals and craftsmen that conciliates traditional competencies and skills for optimising energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in historically built heritage.


The main objectives of PRO-Heritage are

• the protection of traditional skills and capabilities for built Cultural Heritage, which are important for energy efficiency and renewable energy

• the need to involve adequately trained and skilled professionals and craftsmen in "gentle" conservation, maintenance and ongoing care

• the need to certify these professionals and craftsmen to enable them for recognition of their competences, skills and abilities.


The learning elements are based on best practices of the partner organisations. In addition, PRO-Heritage - Protect traditionally built heritage skills - creates a structure and environment for regular exchanges of journeymen across Europe to learn from each other, to share and exchange competencies and skills.


Achieving greater energy efficiency in Historic Buildings is seen as a WIN-WIN Situation for everyone - owners have lower energy bills, residents enjoy modern comfort at reasonable prices, and society reduces overall energy consumption and carbon footprint, which is inevitable in these times.


The Horizon 2020 Project PRO-Heritage started in February 2019 and you can find out more about the project under