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The Covenant of Mayors in Europe: 2019 activity report

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Do you know what is the average CO2-emission reduction target of the European Covenant of Mayors signatories? Or how many signatories are aiming for climate neutrality? Are you curious to know how, as the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office, we accompany over 9,700 local governments in taking energy and climate action?


As part of the European Covenant of Mayors movement, cities and towns take climate and energy action to secure a better future for their citizens. As of 31 December 2019, over 9,700 local and regional authorities have voluntarily  committed to implementing EU climate and energy objectives on their territory through the European Covenant of Mayors.


On average, the commitments made by European Covenant of Mayors signatories are higher than the European Union’s targets:


  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 31% by 2020 (EU target: 20%)
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 47% by 2030 (EU target: 40%)

Cities and towns across Europe are taking actions against what they consider as main future climate hazards:

  • Extreme heat
  • Drought
  • Extreme precipitations

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