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Future of BUILD UP Skills: make your voice heard!

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On-line consultation until Tuesday 30/06/2020

The Executive Agency for Small & Medium-sized enterprises is launching an on-line consultation regarding the future implementation of the BUILD UP Skills initiative.


Launched in 2011, the main objective of BUILD UP Skills is to increase the number of trained and qualified building professionals across Europe, to deliver building renovations offering high-energy performance as well as new Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.


Through open calls for proposals, BUILD UP Skills has funded over 70 national and transnational projects, involving over 30 countries, and with the aim to train over 30 000 building professionals.


After 2020, it is expected that activities of the BUILD UP skills initiative would continue under the LIFE Programme (2021-2027).


This consultation aims to gather your views on the future orientation of the initiative and priority areas for EU funding.


Whether you are a stakeholder or a citizen, join the consultation and make your voice heard!


To access the consultation click here.