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Croatia 4.0 Conference

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Considering the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.


Croatia 4.0 is a conference on new technologies, robotization and automatization in industry, buildings, power and energy business.


Conference programme will cover two days and will be divided into four thematic sections and will be oriented on demonstrations and displays of the new solutions and achievements in automatization and robotization. Programme will also include round tables, workshops etc.


Conference will gather and present everyone that in any way comes in a contact with the new technologies in design, planning, manufacturing, control, monitoring, operation and traffic such as robotization, automatization, remote control, smart homes, buildings and cities, Internet of things (IoT), Blockchain, ‘cloud’ business. So, participants will be representatives from the higher education institutions, relevant state authorities, professional associations and chambers, organizations that use new technologies (industry, investors and developers in industry and construction, building managers, public service etc.), equipment manufacturers, service vendors and contractors.


September 23rd, 2020

Congress Centre "Antunović", Zagreb

Contact Email: Contact Phone:
+385 1 377 12 56

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